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Lifecycle Management

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Every ABB Transmission Service Agreement is designed to allow you to focus on your core business. By meeting your service agreement needs,we can reduce the risk of unexpected downtime,and make it easier for you to manage maintenance budgets. This means ensuring better, more reliable VFD performance, and extendingVFD lifespan, improving cost control.

 ABB inverter maintenance includes many predefined service options for you to choose from, which can meet the basic needs of your inverter.

Other services such as training and remote support can be included in the transmission service agreement.



Improve efficiency - ABB transmission service contracts cover daily and emergency maintenance needs. Its program is concise and clear, which can avoid confusion and waste of time, thus achieving the high efficiency required for success.

Cost control - ABB provides preventive maintenance, repair and other support activities at a fixed annual fee, regardless of the frequency of support, thus avoiding any unplanned expenses.

 Focus on priorities - With ABB's drive service contract, you can effectively reduce the time spent on non-core business activities, and feel worry-free because your frequency converter assets are well maintained.



Keep your production equipment running smoothly with ABB's frequency converter maintenance services.ABB's maintenance services cover all aspects from lifecycle assessments to detailed preventive maintenance plans.

By conducting regular maintenance, ABB can help you maximize the reliability of your frequency converter and extend its service life.When ABB maintains your frequency converter, we will complete the work specified in the maintenance plan for the specific product. ABB's extensive experience in frequency converter maintenance means that we can optimize service intervals based on the needs of different components and systems in your frequency converter.In addition, we also provide preventive maintenance kits for specific frequency converters and the original spare parts you need.